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Getting Started at MyMiniFactory | Our Vision | About Us
▹ What is MyMiniFactory?
MyMiniFactory Tribes
- Triber's Guide | About Tribes | Subscriptions | Fees
▹ What is Tribes?
Tribes is an all-in one subscription service for you to support your favorite Creators and the community. By subscribing to Creator’s Tribes, you will support Creators to build a sustainable recurring revenue stream and Creators will have more resources to create designs/projects for you!
▹ What should I expect in the Beta version as a customer?
In the Beta version, there might be some bug fixes or some functionalities are not delivered yet. If you find any bugs or you have any feedback regarding the Beta version, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
▹ I have subscribed to a tier, where can I find the files?
You can check in your Library > My Tribes to see the distributed files.
▹ I didn’t receive the new release of files on the 1st of the month, what happened?
In this case, please check if your subscription is still active. If it is, please check the Creator's Tribes page (Infoblock or Post) to see if the files are released.
Please note, MyMiniFactory is only responsible for hosting a Creator’s Tribe. Please reach out to Creators directly if you have any questions or feedback regarding their file releases.
▹ Will the files I purchased remain in my library if the creators edits or deletes the tier that I subscribe to?
The files will remain in your library and won't be removed even if the creator edits or deletes a tier. Please keep in mind that if the tier you subscribed to gets deleted your subscription will be suspended automatically and you won’t get charged in the next monthly cycle.
▹ Where can I manage my subscriptions?
You can manage your subscriptions at Settings > Subscriptions.
▹ Where can I change my sale tax country?
You can change your sale tax country in Settings > Profile
▹ Where can I manage my payment details for my subscriptions?
Upon subscribing your payment details will be saved for ongoing subscription payments, however occasionally the next subscription payment may not be processed on time, due to a number of reasons including your usual payment method needs updating.

PayPal: if you are unsure how to check the payment status on PayPal, you can do it as follows:
1) Log in to your PayPal account
2) Click Settings near the top of the page
3) Click Payments
4) Click Manage pre-approved payments
5) Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you want to review

Credit and debit cards (Stripe): you can update your payment details in Settings > Subscriptions..
▹ How does Sales Tax / VAT work on MyMiniFactory Tribes?
Sales tax / VAT will be applied as an additional charge on subscription payments placed in certain countries and regions, depending on your location. It will be clearly displayed in your transaction confirmation breakown at the checkout stage.
▹ How do refunds work on MyMiniFactory Tribes?
Refunds on Tribes will only be provided in exceptional circumstances. Please refer to our Refund Policy in the Terms & Conditions page. The aim of Tribes is to support creators and if you are unhappy about the service provided please do contact the creator as the first port of call. Please note most subscriptions are monthly and therefore subscribers are freely able to cancel their subscription renewal before the next monthly payment date.
MyMiniFactory Tribes
- Creator's Guide | About Tribes | Tutorials | T&Cs | Fees and Tax
▹ What is Tribes?
Tribes is an all-in-one subscription service for Creators to set up tier(s) with file management and distribution system. Launching Tribes will support creators to build a sustainable revenue stream and a healthy, safe space to engage with their community.
▹ How can I start my own Tribe?
We want to make the set-up process and everyday management of your Tribe as smooth as possible. MyMiniFactory prides itself on nurturing a collaborative community and we look forward to seeing you grow your Tribe on our platform. If you are looking forward to starting your own Tribes, please contact MyMiniFactory Designer Relations team via
▹ I have started my Tribes, where can I find tutorials?
Tutorial Part 1: About Section & Infoblocks

Tutorial Part 2: Set up Tiers & File Distribution

Tutorial Part 3: Social Media Feature
▹ What should I expect in the Beta version as a Creator?
In the Beta version, there might be some bug fixes or some functionalities are not delivered yet. If you find any bugs or you have any feedback regarding the Beta version, please don't hesitate to contact Designer Relations team via
▹ How does file distribution work on Tribes?
Once you have distributed files in a Tier selected, then press the VALID button, the file will be distributed to all the current Tribers. Removing file(s) from a tier will not remove files from the current subscriber’s library.
▹ How does monthly shift work with the file distribution system?
When the monthly shift happens, the file(s) distribution will be triggered based on your Tribers local time-zone. Please inform your Tribers if the file(s) will not be released on the 1st of month via your post or infoblocks.
▹ What are the Terms & Conditions that I need to accept before joining Tribes?
1. Creator Subscription Plan
A creator will pay a $24.99 per month subscription fee for access to MyMiniFactory’s site-wide creator services and products. It will comprise what is already included for a Store Manager., as well as access to opening up a Tribe on MyMiniFactory. To confirm the creator $24.99 per month subscription fee includes access to the following MyMiniFactory products and services (including all associated features, such as file distribution):
a) Store Manager
b) Tribes (early Beta version, please contact the Designer Relations team for further information)
c) Crowdfunding (in development, not fully launched yet, please contact the Designer Relations team for further information. Product will be fully released in late 2021 / early 2022)
d) Pledge Manager
e) Competitions
f) Stories
g) Marketing and exposure (e.g. newsletters and MMF+ feature opportunities)

Therefore, please note existing Store Manager creator subscriptions on MyMiniFactory will also have access to Tribes provided as a free additional product within their subscription plan.

2. Fees & Payments:
2.1 MyMiniFactory will charge an 8% commission platform fee on all revenue generated from your Tribe plus payment processing fees as per below:
a) Standard rate: 2.9% + $0.30 per successful payment over $3
b) Micropayment rate: 5% + $0.10 per successful payment $3 or less
(please note for all payments from Tribers outside the USA there is an additional 1% surcharge)

2.2 Creator Payout fees charged by MyMiniFactory on Tribes at launch = 0% (zero)
MyMiniFactory will review this fee in 2022 after negotiations with its banks and will aim to keep the fee as low as possible, with our intention to be a maximum fee of 1% of the amount transferred, capped at $20.00.
2.3 Creator Payout frequency will be twice a month, on the 14th and 28th of the month as per the existing set-up for MyMiniFactory Store Manager payouts. Please note in the lower half of the Statistics page with your Profile is a payment request button to be actioned maximum once per fortnight by the 12th and 26th of each month by midnight Pacific Standard US time (PST), to receive your payout by 14th and 28th of that month respectively. We plan to automate this feature in the near future.
2.4 All fees and payments will be clearly displayed in a dedicated Tribes creators Statistics page within your Profile.
2.5 Please note Tribes will only be operating in the US Dollar currency for the time being. We plan to add additional currencies in the future.

3. Sales Tax / VAT:
3.1 MyMiniFactory will manage all Sales Tax / VAT on behalf of the creator. We will collect and remit the applicable VAT on your behalf to the relevant tax authorities. We are doing this to protect our community and make matters as easy as possible for the creators on MyMiniFactory. This is for Tribes only currently, we plan to roll-out this format across all MyMiniFactory products soon.
3.2 Your Tribe (including potentially different tiers) will advertise the tier subscription price without VAT and then if a Triber is from an applicable country or region at the checkout stage the relevant sales tax / VAT due will be added to the subscription price. For example a creator inputs the subscription price without sales tax / VAT at $10. A Triber is from the UK and a 20% VAT rate is applicable. The price the Triber sees and pays at the checkout stage will be $12.
3.3 The MyMiniFactory 8% commission platform fee will be applicable on the Tribe tier subscription price without sales tax / VAT included.
3.4 Payment processing fees will be applicable on the gross Tribe tier subscription price with sales tax / VAT included

4. Tribers:
In order to maintain and promote our sustainable community we ask all creators to fulfil as much as possible, if not exceed, the expectations promised via their Tribe subscription. We will advise all Tribers to first contact their respective Tribe creator if they are unhappy with the level of service being provided.
All refunds, for the time being, will need to be requested via MyMiniFactory, who will then action your request on your behalf if it is deemed satisfactory.
▹ How Sales Tax / VAT works on MyMiniFactory Tribes?
Instead of putting the burden of calculating and collecting sales tax / VAT on content creators, MyMiniFactory will handle it for you as we are processing your subscriptions. We will present and charge sales tax / VAT at the applicable rate for your eligible subscribers. For all sales tax / VAT applicable transactions we process, we will also take care of the filing and remittance of the sales tax / VAT payments to the home country of the subscriber.

Please note every country handles sales tax / VAT in a different manner. We recommend consulting with a local tax advisor for the subsequent reasons:
1. Obtaining information on potential sales tax / VAT due if you offer physical or other goods besides digital services on MyMiniFactory Tribes
2. Obtaining confirmation that by using MyMiniFactory Tribes you will not be required to register for and collect sales tax / VAT
3. Any other local filing requirements you may have as a creator
▹ How does MyMiniFactory collect Sales Tax / VAT?
Eligible subscribers will have sales tax / VAT added to their subscription payment. Sales tax / VAT charges are collected, processed and remitted via MyMiniFactory. Creator’s earnings are in no way affected by the sales tax / VAT we collect, as it’s in addition to the price for joining your subscription service. Sales tax / VAT will be listed and calculated for subscribers when they get to the checkout stage of the subscription joining process.

The sales tax / VAT rate subscribers are charged depends on the location they’ve set in the checkout process.
▹ Does MyMiniFactory charge and remit Sales Tax / VAT in my name or MyMiniFactory’s name?
MyMiniFactory charges and remits sales tax / VAT in MyMiniFactroy’s name.
▹ How Sales Tax / VAT works on MyMiniFactory Tribes in detail?
A) Tier subscription price = $10 (without VAT)
B) Applicable sales tax / VAT of 20% = $2 (total price paid is $10 + $2 = $12)
C) Payment processing fees = $0.65 (calculated on the gross $12 amount (including sales tax / VAT), fees are 2.9% + $0.30)*
D) MyMiniFactory 8% commission platform fee = $0.80 (calculated on the $10 tier subscription price (excluding sales tax / VAT))

Creator net payout earnings: $8.55 (= A - C - D) (= $10 - $0.65 - $0.80)

(please note MyMiniFactory collects the sales tax / VAT that the Triber originally paid ($2.00 in this example) and sends it to the relevant authority)

* please note the figures used in this example are rounded to 2 decimal places.
Selling Objects at MyMiniFactory | Open a Store | IP Conents Policy | Payment | Pricing
▹ How do I sell designs?
Do you have lovely designs that you want to sell? We encourage you to open a store to monetize your designs!
▹ Can I sell IP content or fan art?
In respect of brands and copyright/ trademark laws MyMiniFactory does not allow sales of IP protected content, unless you hold a licensing agreement with the brand.
If you find any Creator who is selling an IP content, please report the object or contact us. We will inform the uploader and remove the object.
▹ How will I be paid?
Store payouts are made twice per month - on the 14th and 28th of every month.
* Note, the payout will be on the following workday if these dates fall on a holiday or a weekend. For more info, please go to the Store Earnings tab of your store statistics page.
We are dedicated to making transactions on MyMiniFactory as safe as possible so every transaction is checked by MyMiniFactory. Occasionally this may take longer than expected and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
▹ Do I need photos of my models 3d printed?
Yes. In order to provide customers the best experience and set proper expectations, please include at least 3 photos of the printed models even if you have uploaded renders.
▹ How much should I charge for my models?
You've put thought, time and creativity into each model, we recommend you price your models at a minimum of $2 USD. You can get more tailored information from the business strategy team or the Discord Channel.
Uploading Objects to MyMiniFactory | File Formats | File Size | Object Approval | Software Check
▹ What file format and size can I upload?
You can upload Stl. Obj and Chitubox files.
▹ What is the max file size?
If you are a store Creator, you can upload 100MB for each file.
If you are a Store Manager , you can upload 500MB for each file.
If you need more please contact us.
▹ How do I get my object approved?
Before approving objects we want to make sure that your object will be printable. The best way to prove this is by submitting a picture of your object 3D printed. Your pictures will then go through our community to make sure that those are indeed pictures of print rather than 3D renders.
*Note, if the software check (see next question) passes and your submitted pictures are not renders. Your object will automatically be approved.
*Note, if you don't have a picture or the software check doesn't pass. Your object will go through a more manual process. We might approve it if passes our manual checks, again having a nice picture uploaded will help.
▹ What is the software check?
We check the uploaded files from printability. Our software checks a few criteria and it might fail for those reasons:
1. Presence of degenerated faces
2. Presence of duplicated faces
3. Mesh is not manifold
4. The normals are not consistent
5. The volume is less than 0
6. Some faces are intersecting each other
You can check what is wrong with your mesh using this little online tool.
Purchasing and Downloading Files from MyMiniFactory | Library | File Management | Discount Code | VAT
▹ Where can I find my previous purchase/downloads?
Once you download an object, the object will be shown as a zip file or a single stl file in your personal device. You can find the object in your library > purchases, or you can review your previous purchase in your order history.
▹ How do I apply a discount code?
You will find discount codes provided by Creator or MyMiniFactory. Please copy the code and apply it before you check out.
▹ Can I stack discount codes?
No, you can’t apply two discount codes provided by the same Creator or MyMiniFactory.
For example, if a Creator provides two codes, Discount1 and Discount2, you can’t apply two codes on the same purchase.
▹ Do I need to pay VAT?
All prices included VAT if applicable.
Redeeming Files at MyMiniFactory | Invitation Email | File Management Redeem Process
▹ Where can I find my redeem email?
We send invitation emails to your email address that registered with Kickstarter or Patreon. Please check if you receive the invitation email when a Creator has announced that the file is ready.
*Please note, The email can be in your spam folder or promotional folders. If you already have an MyMiniFactory account, you can find the redeem email in: MyMiniFactory Inbox
▹ Will I get an invitation email if I don’t have an MyMiniFactory account?
Yes, you will receive the invitation email even if you don’t have a MyMiniFactory account. You can find the registered button if you click the redeem button in the email.
▹ Will I receive the invitation email if my MyMiniFactory email address is different from the one that I registered with Kickstarter/Patreon?
Yes, you will still be able to receive an invitation email if the email address that you registered with MyMiniFactory is different from the one that you registered with Kickstarter or Patreon.
As long as you received the invitation email, you should be able to redeem the file by clicking the button and linking to your MyMiniFactory account.
▹ Where can I see my previous Pledge / Loyalty Reward / File Releases?
If you would like to access your previous redeemed files, you can find them in your Library > Objects Shared with Me or Campaigns based on if it's a pledge or a shared file.
My Library: Campaign
My Library: Objects Shared with Me
About the Pledge Manager | Late Pledge | Add-ons | Redeem Process
▹ What is the Pledge Manager?
It is a post Kickstarter offering where you can support Creators by backing their projects.
▹ What is a late-pledge?
It is a bundle of STL products that are the same or similar as what is offered by the Creator Kickstarter project, which is called a “pledge”.
▹ What is an add-on?
Add-ons are extra files that are released by Creators related to the specific campaign. Some are already available for purchase and others are already included in the previous defined pledge levels; meaning if they are part of our current pledge level it will show “You own this”. If you do not own the Add-on it will display “Buy” and will be able to download it by clicking “See items”.
▹ I have supported a Creator on Kickstarter, why I didn't get the file?
If you didn’t get the file after a pledge, then the file might be being prepared by the Creator; We will have a post on our Community Blog, also send a notification to you when the file is ready.
About Account and Notifications | Reset Password | Delete an Account | Subscriptions | Merge Accounts
▹ I forget my password, what should I do?
If you forgot your password, you can reset your MyMiniFactory password with either your username or email using this page:
Reset my password
This will send you an email with instructions and a link to reset your password.
▹ How can I cancel/view my subscriptions?
Please go to your profile > setting > subscriptions to view or cancel a subscription.
▹ How can merge multiple accounts?
Please use this form to submit a request and finish the verification process.
▹ How can I stop receiving emails?
Please go to your profile > setting > notifications to select off all options of "Email" and save.
▹ Where can I delete my account?
Please go to your profile > setting > Privacy , click the button “Delete my Account”
Please note, once your account is deleted. It can’t be retrieved. Under GDPR, data controllers and processors are obliged to return or delete all personal data after the end of services. Please make sure you want to proceed with the account deletion process before you press the button.

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Some tickets might take longer time to receive a response.
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